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Some Very Useful & Simple Tips To Improve Your On-Page SEO

Today, i would like to share some very simple tips to improve your on page seo score. May be you already know about these but would like to share some check out tips before publishing a web page to Google.

1. Meta Tags - In Head Section & Update with all the Guidance. You can check at Google. its in detail

2. Heading Tags- Its heading tags. i am talking about simple heading but try to add keywords not only in H1 tags but also in H2 & H3

tips - keywords in heading tags

3. Content length - Make sure your topic is good enough and having good amount of knowledge otherwise Google will not consider it as per recent Google SEO practices.

tips - try to write 2000 words or more & not below 300 words.

4. Internal link - Make sure you are giving link to your important pages must be related.

5. Outbound Link - if you are giving outbound link to other authority site is also good SEO practice right now.

6. Image - Make sure you post have important images & image name & alt tags…
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Schema To Improve CTR Important Update From Google

All SEO know the Schema and heard little about it but some still not using because its was not a ranking factor and i was also not using this but now you have you add all these code to be in competition and if you want to be in race so its much important.

Because as Google are showing more resources in using the knowlege graph algorithem and if you are not using the schema so your will content is like good for nothing because Google will not understand the context of your website content so its must.

Also as per the recent discussion on SEO forums that CTR is kind of ranking factors and if someone is opening your URL so its will boost your traffic and Google understand that this page must have something really unique which is why users are more interested into it.

Also Google understand that everyone is not tech guy so Google having great option in Webmaster Tool called Data Highlighter which done this big task in no time and its much easier than you think so just do some Google and …

Google Latest EDM Update

Recently i haven noticed that google is updating its alogirithem very frequently and coming update with load of update like panda, penguin, structure data and comes up with exact domain matching which is for low quality website because most of the businessman purchase exact keywords matching domain for ranking on particular keywords and just create a simple page and forget for everything.

because of the exact domain, these domains are rank with particular keywords but now to save a visitor, google comes up with this EDM update which is working on EDM low quality website. So guys if you have a EDM type website so its time to update the website for be in a race otherwise Google is say bye to your website.

Penguin Update From Google

recently google has updated algorithmic and its new effect its called penguin and its work on webspam before this update google has already created terms & conditions for search engine market but some people or call spammer don't even care.
Now google is come up punishment because google has created too many video's and article to save the search results and do't do spam extra but everyone just going their own way and doing whatever they want to just get rank higher with their top business keywords.
as google has updated penguin the search result are showing different results. as i have noticed that most of the website got penalize due to duplicate content or website as far as i have analyis and found that there is nothing new in this update. all are same thing like duplicate content & spam link etc which is already mentioned by the google but now google come up with punishment. it means you can not do black hat and don't try to make search engine fool.
also i …

Google Analytics Not Yet Showing J&K & Arunachal Pradesh

Is google guy mad ? they don't have a sense J&K and Arunachal Perdesh is part of india but its not showing in google analytics map what the stupidity is going in google.
I have search & found that there are lot of retification massage sent by users lot of lots but the issue is still remain there is no answer from google team in google forums.
Have a look at this picture.
And also please provide us your comment on this issue & if you have any news regarding this please mention the url.
Thanks :)

Test Your Page Speed Online

Hey now you can test your page speed online recently launched by google

At Google, we’re striving to make the whole web fast. As part of that effort, we’re launching a new web-based tool in Google Labs, Page Speed Online, which analyzes the performance of web pages and gives specific suggestions for making them faster. Page Speed Online is available from any browser, at any time. This allows website owners to get immediate access to Page Speed performance suggestions so they can make their pages faster.

In addition, we’ve added a new feature: the ability to get Page Speed suggestions customized for the mobile version of a page, specifically smartphones. Due to the relatively limited CPU capabilities of mobile devices, the high round-trip times of mobile networks, and rapid growth of mobile usage, understanding and optimizing for mobile performance is even more critical than for the desktop, so Page Speed Online now allows you to easily analyze and optimize your site for mobile performan…

Yahoo!’s New Search Box of Awesome: Search Direct

We have always believed that search should be simple and fun, make you smile every once in a while and be that one place you know you can depend on. We went back to the drawing boards to rethink the search experience, how we can take it to the next step, and really make search awesome.

Today we announced Search Direct, or as I like to call it, the Search Box of Awesome. Search Direct is the first fundamental shift in search in more than a decade. For the first time, driving users to a results page filled with an overwhelming number of links is not the end game. We believe Search Direct will be the simplest and fastest way to find answers, not links.

For far too long, search has been a transactional client-service model, you give the search engine a requirement and it regurgitates everything possible it can find to you. You receive this content overload, take a deep breath and dive right into it trying to find that one site that can answer your question or peak your interests. You spend …