Schema To Improve CTR Important Update From Google

All SEO know the Schema and heard little about it but some still not using because its was not a ranking factor and i was also not using this but now you have you add all these code to be in competition and if you want to be in race so its much important.

Because as Google are showing more resources in using the knowlege graph algorithem and if you are not using the schema so your will content is like good for nothing because Google will not understand the context of your website content so its must.

Also as per the recent discussion on SEO forums that CTR is kind of ranking factors and if someone is opening your URL so its will boost your traffic and Google understand that this page must have something really unique which is why users are more interested into it.

Also Google understand that everyone is not tech guy so Google having great option in Webmaster Tool called Data Highlighter which done this big task in no time and its much easier than you think so just do some Google and check your content at and show Google the context your content and comes in Google knowledge graph to get more visibility.